The Egely Affiliate Program is an official partner program of the EgelyWheel.Net. We made our mark very soon: we guarantee the highest income for our partners after the sales of their reference.

The history of the Egely Wheel goes back to 20 years ago, when Dr. George Egely had finished his long-lasting phase of research and created the first and so far the sole equipment that measures bioenergy, the Egely Wheel.

The world-wide spread of Egely products started in 2007 with the setting up of the EgelyWheel.Net on–line web shop, which sells the Egely products in nearly 100 countries all over the world.

With creating the Egely Affiliate Program, we would like to share the great potential inherent in the turning of the product. In return for promoting the products and seizing new markets, we pay high commission, which can reach 100 USD after a single purchase.

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